What is the Average Hourly Rate for a Tutor and What Do I Charge for Tutoring?

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The average hourly rate for a tutor can vary dramatically depending on geographic location, subject being tutored and class size.  In smaller cities and towns, some tutors may charge on the lower end ($20 – $25 per hour) whereas in New York City some tutors earn as much as $200 per hour!

If you are tutoring a more basic subject you might not earn as much as a specialized tutor who might tutor AP and higher level subjects.  If you are doing a small group instruction then you may charge slightly less per student however overall you will be earning a higher rate due to having 3 or 4 students in one session.

The great part about having your own business is that you determine your hourly rate and choose who you want to work with each day!  For more information on the hourly rates for a tutor and how to charge for tutoring go to:


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